Dilham Restricted Byway 11

Walking along the Restricted Byway from Tonnage Bridge to its end on Broad Fen Lane, approximately 20 minutes walk. This byway is the proposed access route for motor vehicles for the additional glamping site proposed at Redbeck, located at the end of Broad Fen Lane. Reference the Broads Authority Planning Application BA/2020/0002/FUL. Watch the video below showing Restricted Byway 11.

Objection to BA/2020/0002/FUL

Objection from Alice Brown to the planning application BA/2020/0002/FUL was made on the following grounds: A. Conversion of a restricted byway into a road; B. Safety issues involved with accessing sites located on the restricted byway from Broad Fen Lane; C. Proposed location of site is located at the opposite end of the restricted byway to Tonnage Bridge Glamping suggesting the potential for ‘fill in’ further development; D. No plan submitted which outlines the land owned by the applicant; E. An overall development plan is required; F. Customers will hire and use canoes, but from where? G. Lifespan of the development; H. Objection to support statements.

Additional points of objection to BA/2020/0002/FUL

Objection from Alice Brown dated 3 March 2020.

Objection to BA/2020/0002/FUL, Ref: La Ronde Wright statement

Objection from Alice Brown dated 7 May 2020.

Request to speak at Planning Committee meeting of 29 May 2020

Download request including planning statement of objection, dated 26 May 2020.

Author: StayGB